SOLEIL NOIR collection is out in the shops!

autum winter 2015/16

discover the new COQUITO BERLIN autumn collection






Coquito’s new collection is inspired by late long walks in the woods of Wonderland. An improvised path from romanticism to dark fantasy.

Rosebuds flirting with bewildered birds and forbidden fruits.


„Soleil noir“ or „black sun“ is a poetic metaphore for the nostalgic essence of the creative spirit. And so go this season’s colours from bright purple to earthy tones and elegant shades of grey, with some shiny accents in an array of greens, like little precious emeralds.

All dresses have been embroidered by the skillful hands of our smock artisans in Argentina. Their special care to detail reflect our passion for unique designs that go beyond fashion.


x11 copy


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