INKY PEOPLE spring summer 2017

The S/S 17 collection is like a little secret garden where change happens. Inspired by sacred plants, moonlight bath, regeneration. Crossway of lifelines, when the crab loses his carapace and destiny ingraves its seal.

It‘s all about strong nature patterns on soft, delicate textures.

collection S17 1


Fabrics from Tahiti with Polynesian patterns ranging from tiny Tiaré flowers on sandy neu- tral colors and dégradés of red to oversized white Frangipani flowers on taffy and all sha- des of pink from blush to fucsia. The fine knitwear is all crafted in natural yarns as pima cotton and bamboo silk.

collections S17 2


Polynesia. Earthy, tropical smells, dirty feet, sandy roots tangled in your hands. Inky peo- ple — their bodies their storyboard. Nature is raw, the energy fallen directly from stars. The light, oh the mind blowing light. A place to breathe.

collection S17 3


Beauty of imperfection, hand smock embroi- dery is a complex craft mastered by few people on earth.
Skillful hands, patient work and close atten- tion to detail make each of our dresses one of a kind.

collection 4 2


Designed in Berlin and hand crafted in Argentina, our garments are bespoke, hand embroidered limited editions. We dream of a fairer world in which artisans are respected for their trade, which is part of an ever dwindling tradition of smock embroidery. We aim to provide a decent and dignified standard of living and develop individuals to their full potential.